Sunday, March 29, 2009

WOW!! Look at this! I am blogging... LOL!!!

I think the last time I blogged was right after Ike hit.. That was almost a year ago.. My sister keeps telling me to update this thing, so here it goes..
Where do I begin? Sooo much has happened since September of last year.. To start things off, Charlie, the kids and I found out that we will be adding a new littleone to our family. HE is actually due in about 8 weeks, but since I have a tendency to have HUGE babies, we are planning to induce about 10 days before the due date, which is May 26th. At first we were quite scared. Here's why. If you read my previous post, around the time of Ike we had gotten a puppy, Snickers. That was our way of saying we were done with having babies.. Well, needless to say, God had a different plan. Snickers was hit by a car and he died 3 days before we found out we were expecting. So, you can imagine the wave of shock that hit us pretty hard. Anyway. We are all doing fine and are quite excited for our little linebacker to join us.. Prayers are always appreciated!!

Thanksgiving and Christmas were quite the holidays that I most remember growing up. We got to spend both holidays with both sides of the family. My kids love getting presents, and being that they are the favorite great grandkids, grandkids, niece and nephew.. You can imagine the heaven they were in!! LOL.. Don't get me wrong, they do still have a bit of learning to go as far as the REAL reasons of the holidays, but hey, they are 4 adn 2.. Come on.. let 'em enjoy it right?

January rolled its way around and let me tell ya.. It was overwhelming for all of us. To start things off, Kaden started "school." He goes Monday, Wednesday and Fridays half a day and just loves it. Then, to top things off, he turned 4! I just can't believe my first born is 4 years old. Craziness.. He has made new friends, and is taking up tumbling and karate next to playing with the 5 year olds in one more year of T-ball.. Getting busy already!! ;) If you were a part of my life when I was growing up, you know that chaos was a word my famiy knew VERY well. Let's just say, Charlie has some things to get use to.. This is normal for me! I am posting some pictures of Kaden at school on a few of his holiday fun days for you guys to see.. Gotta love the cowboy genes that run in the family ;)

My attempt to make a Spiderman pinata.. I did an awesome job!! It took the kids a million tries to crack this thing open! GO MOM!!

This is Kaden at Go Western day at school!! He was such a stud! All grow'd up! :(

Just recently Karlie, my second born, turned 2. She had quite the birthday party! Tinkerbell it was. Craziness yet again! She is quite the demanding girl that's for sure. When we take Kaden to school, she just has to go in and see him off.. It's a ritual for her.. Actually, it's kinda nice because its a way of routine for her now. She is definatly getting bigger every day and is a challenge to figure out. Always keeping her mama on her toes.. But I love my sunshine all the same.. Enjoy some of her happy times..
After a looonnng weekend of parties, and fun the kids got to go feed some ducks and build birdhouses.. Check this out!

Over the next few weeks we will be getting ready to meet the little guy. So, I don't really know when the next time I will blog. If I left anything out drop me a line.. I hope you are all doing well, and that you have a great Easter holiday..
XOXO to you all,
Jenn and family



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